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Trainings that we offer will help you benefit from our studies.

Workshops and gemiusTrainings

Do you think you know everything about the Internet? As an internationally-recognized leader in Internet research, we can help answer any question and address any concern if you wish to learn:

  • how to use Internet research to sell advertising space on your web site
  • how Internet research can help you meet your marketing goals
  • how to reach your target group online.

Take advantage of our broad assortment of training options if you wish to:

  • create an effective web site or optimize your existing web site
  • conduct effective and professional public relations online.

Training sessions conducted by an experienced team of trainers cover both the theory and the practice of online mraketing. Training is closed and confidential, designed to specifically address client concerns.

For more information on gemiusTraining, please contact Artur Zawadzki