Gemius' History

Gemius SA is the largest Internet research agency in Central & Eastern Europe. Thanks to a combination of passion, talent and proprietary technology, Gemius has spent the last seven years expanding its business to provide clients with detailed knowledge about the Internet in Poland and throughout Europe.

Idea for Success

The end of the 1990’s was a hot period for the development of the Polish Internet. The sudden development of „dot-com’s” and the excitement with new technologies that swept the western markets created untold possibilities for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. It was a reasonable assumption that the Polish Internet could also expect its own boom.

Bearing in mind experiences from the United States and operating on the assumption that there is no profit without risk, an American investor Global eMarketing Corporation established a Polish technology company in the middle of June 1999. The company began trusting that the dynamic and fast-growing Internet industry will need specialized marketing and research tools. Gemius’ founder was especially interested in turning young specialist’s ideas into reality.

Gemius in Poland

The first task for the small team was to build the GeMius tracking system, which later gave the company its name. In 1999 – 2002, during the company’s first three years of operation, the company became the unquestioned leader among web analytics companies in Poland. As the only company in Poland, it provided industry-standard site-centric research.

The interest of clients showed that companies had realized the potential of the Internet, and they started to seek tools to help them optimize their use of the Internet in their businesses. Gemius’ management decided to expand to meet this need. Expansion would take place along two dimensions: product and geographic, centered around an openness to meet client needs. Over the course of one year (2002 – 2003), Gemius added five new research products to its portfolio. The company began to offer complex and holistic online advertising campaign performance measurement, Internet audience profile research, web site accessibility research and custom-designed „ad hoc” research projects for individual clients. During this period, Gemius expanded the number of partners/clients it worked with to 150.

A critical milestone in the development of Gemius and the entire Polish Internet was the first publication of results from the Megapanel PBI/Gemius (currently known as gemiusAudience also on the Polish market) audience measurement research in January 2005. The project had been initiated years previously by PBI and in October 2004 a final methodology had been determined and Gemius began providing audience measurement for web sites and Internet applications in Poland. This research rapidly became the industry’s currency for online media planning.

Gemius' History

Gemius Abroad

The high quality of our services is the bedrock of our success. Our many years of experience in Poland gives us the ability to provide very scalable solutions in other countries as well. In 2004, Gemius successfully entered the Czech Republic. Entering into a partnership with MediaResearch, Gemius won the Czech market’s tender for Internet audience measurement services. The gemiusAudience ratings service became the currency for the Czech Internet industry.

In the two years since then, Gemius has successfully expanded throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Over the next two years (2004 – 2005), Gemius grew to become the leader in Internet research in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bulgaria. In 2006, Gemius entered the Russian market and began to enter Western Europe, launching its audience measurement services in Denmark (as the official market standard) and Austria.

Image Changes

One of the most important milestones in the company’s history was at the end of 2003, when Global eMarketing SA changed its name to Gemius SA, taking on the name of its best-known product (the GeMius system). At the same time, the company started actions to change the company’s profile from that of a technology business to a research company. The names of all of the company’s products were aligned to support this change in the company’s brand – for example, the GeMius system changed its name to become the gemiusTraffic study. A new logo was adopted, which has since then systematically grown in awareness and popularity within Poland and abroad.

Educating the Market and Working with the Media

In 2003, Gemius began an active period of educating the market about building modern and rational e-businesses. By working with the media, the company was able to communicate and present the possibilities offered by a host of research methods. For this reason, the company added training to its product portfolio.

Since 2000, Gemius has regularly published its well-known „Ranking” services (available at, and elsewhere). These bulletins track trends in Internet usage, including browser popularity, operating system usage, search engine performance and more. As Gemius expanded to new markets, it launched similar services in many of the countries where Gemius operates. Together with data published from the gemiusAudience studies, these bulletins provide regular, valuable information about Internet use.

Community Engagement

Gemius tries to take an active role in the life of the community, both socially and culturally. The company has long worked with a variety of partners to support the Internet initiatives of non-governmental organizations throughout Central & Eastern Europe, e.g. by providing help in executing Internet advertising campaigns for their causes.