gemiusAudience Explained

gemiusAudience is the standard in online audience measurement across Eastern Europe. Developed by Gemius over the course of the past 6 years, gemiusAudience integrates offline research, site-centric measurement, pop-up surveying and user-centric measurement to provide media sellers, planners and buyers with online media planning data.

gemiusAudience is available in many countries. On some markets, Gemius works with joint-industry committees to jointly set the standard in online media planning. On other markets, gemiusAudience is developed through the building of a consensus between market players.

gemiusAudience provides publishers and media agencies with practical, easy-to-use tools for online media planning. Data is provided once per month, reporting at a weekly or monthly level. Media planners make use of special analytical tools such as gemiusExplorer to optimize their online advertising campaigns.

For more information on gemiusAudience and Gemius' philosophy, please read the documents below.

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