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Benefits from the gemiusAudience Study

Throughout all markets where gemiusAudience is present, implementing gemiusAudience directly contributed to a significant increase in online advertising spending.

gemiusAudience provides advertisers with credible, transparent, comparable data about their online advertising opportunities – just as they receive from traditional media.

The research study makes it possible to:

  • identify web site usage patterns,
  • determine duplicated audience of web sites and other useful planning metrics (e.g. affinity index, reach, etc.),
  • determine the composition of web sites socio-demographic structure,
  • position the advertiser’s web site in comparison to their competitors.

By researching the usage of your web site and the socio-demographic profile of your web site's audience you will be able to:

  • modify your web site content to better meet your audience's needs,
  • determine how best to promote your web site,
  • present credible data on your audience and your site's reach to advertisers.

If you take part in the gemiusAudience study, your web site's audience data will directly reach online advertisers. Gemius S.A. works with all media agencies, providing them with gemiusAudience datafor online media planning and buying.

The gemiusAudience study is targeted mainly at: