Good audience measurement will not just report the domain – after all, advertisers do not buy the domain.

Benefits from gemiusAudience for advertisers

The Internet is undoubtedly the most technologically advanced medium. The audience it reaches is growing all over the world. It is gaining as an interactive channel of communication and a medium for conducting advertising campaigns. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Internet is the broad range of possibilities of measurement this digital medium provides. This enables advertisers to gain an overview of the conducted online campaigns, their efficiency, costs, etc.

How to ensure success in the field of advertising and marketing initiatives on the Internet?

We strongly recommend our clients make use of gemiusAudience. gemiusAudience is Central & Eastern Europe’s standard in online audience measurement and constitutes the basis for planning, execution, and control of online advertising media plans. There are 21 different indicators available that enable advertisers to assess the value of selected Internet web sites as a potential place to advertise given products and services. Also, the indicators help to take optimal decisions in terms of designing advertising strategies.

gemiusAudience results enable media planners to plan each online advertising campaign in terms of:

  • selecting the place of advertising creatives’ emission,
  • reaching the target group,
  • increasing a campaign’s reach in groups at which the campaign is directed,
  • taking into account the problem of duplicated audience on web sites selected for a given campaign,
  • thematic selection of web sites for a given marketing action.

Using gemiusAudience results gives media planners certainty that their decisions are sound and based on credible, comparable, hard data.

Benefits for Publishers

Benefits for Analysts