Audience measurement needs to ensure that its measurement of inventory is accurate.

Benefits from gemiusAudience for Internet publishers

Income from advertising constitutes a significant source of income for the majority of web sites. Results of the gemiusAudience research study are the basis for gaining advertisers’ budgets. The study provides information on:

  • the socio-demographic profile of users visiting a given web site,
  • target groups, among which a given web site enjoys the greatest popularity,
  • the effect of comparing the web site in which we are interested against its competitors,
  • audience duplication of a few web sites belonging to one publisher.

Besides, gemiusAudience results allow for direct evaluation of promotional or brand awareness activities’ effects of a given online service. The efficiency of activities can be measured e.g. when traffic, average time spent per visitor on the given web site increase or when the number of executed page views grows. Consequently, an analysis of gemiusAudience results allow for optimization of marketing activities of particular Internet services.

Benefits for Advertisers

Benefits for Analysts