gemiusAudience - Research Idea & Proposal

Irrespective of whether you work for an advertising agency, at a marketing department of a company, or you run our own business activity, our offer is directed at you. Thanks to the research studies executed by Gemius you will receive credible and professional data. Our modern solutions allow for optimization of the e-business activity of companies and they constitute a basis for working-out online marketing strategies.

Financing the Research

  • Cost of the Research. Typically one of the first questions asked when Gemius enters new markets, the answer varies fundamentally. However, the total cost will depend on the solutions found for all previously mentioned issues. As a matter of strategy, Gemius focuses on providing the lowest possible cost for its audience measurement services. Today, they represent only 30% of Gemius revenue, which means that Gemius can afford to provide them at low-cost to the markets it serves.
  • Who Will Pay. This issue varies from market to market. Gemius invests a great deal of energy in working with all players on the market to find the optimum solution to this critical issue. Typically, the market itself must determine this for itself. However, Gemius has in the past advised on ways to equitably divide the costs.

Download the offer for the gemiusAudience research study

We approach each client individually. Our offer is flexibly adjusted to the individual needs and expectations of our Partners. Our experts are at your disposal throughout the whole phase of the research preparation as well as while its execution.

If you would like to receive more information on our offer, feel free to contact Artur Zawadzki