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gemius HeatMap Explained

gemiusHeatMap research contains two modules.

The first one is LinkMap, which informs you about clicks on the links and clickable elements (classic links and forms, JavaScript, Ajax) available on your webpage. The results of the research are presented in a map of clicks seen directly on the website. The devoted application enables you to view both the site and graphical and numerical information about the clicks done. Thanks to LinkMap, information on Internet users’ online behaviour is quickly available in a clear form.

The second module ClickMap imitates all of the clicks done on the webpage (not only on links and clickable elements), presents the data in the form of temperature map. Due to such a functionality you will be able to know where the traffic on your site is concentrated. Check, whether your intuition is similar to the one of your website’s users, for example, whether all of the places on your page are links on which the users click visiting the site.

gemiusHeatMap is conducted continuously and is imperceptible to website users. It enables unlimited access to constantly updated graphical data. There is no need to purchase any additional hardware or software – it is simple and requires no specialist knowledge.

Installing gemiusHeatMap research does not demand purchase of additional equipment or software. It is easy and there is no need in specific knowledge.

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