gemiusProfile Explained

The study is targeted towards company web sites whose key goal is to sell/market products or services.

The research is designed to go beyond simple quantitative information about web site usage. It also measures the socio-demographic profile of your web site's users. This is done without the need of emitting pop-up web surveys to your existing or potential customers. Instead, data is integrated from the gemiusAudience study conducted by Gemius S.A.

The gemiusProfile study delivers a written report containing:

  • Basic quantitative information about your web site's usage - including the Number of Visitors, Number of Page Views, Number of Visits, time spent per Visitor, Page View or visit, Page View or Visit Frequency, Reach as a percentage of Internet users, audience composition,
  • Behavioral analysis of different target groups - target groups can be defined across basic demographic criteria, including user's of the analyzed brand and key competitors; for each target group Gemius analyzes the behavior of this target group on the company's web site, including key quantitative indicators analyzed for that specific target group. This behavioral analysis is also conducted across the conceptual structure of the web site, analyzing the content which different target groups found to be of value.

If you would like additional information, feel free to contact Gemius.