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Research Studies

Research studies provided by Gemius can be divided into the following groups:

Research on traffic on web sites and the popularity of Internet applications:

gemiusTraffic – a site-centric research study monitoring web sites usage and Internet user behavior analysis

gemiusAudience – a user-centric research study which constitutes a complex Internet audience measurement

Research on effectiveness of online advertising campaigns:

gemiusEffect – the most complete analysis of online advertising campaign performance consisting of three independent modules:

  • gemiusDirectEffect – research on the direct response to your online advertising campaign which directly measures Internet user behavior
  • gemiusBrandingEffect – determines the perceptive efficiency of an advertising campaign
  • gemiusProfileEffect – a research study presenting the analysis of the socio-demographic profile of Internet users reached by a given online advertising campaign.

Web site insights

gemiusProfile – a research study on the socio-demographic profile of web site users

gemiusAccessibility – analysis of Internet connection quality

gemiusHeatMap - a research study providing information on the most popular internal links on your web site

gemiusFGI – a qualitative research study conducted on focus groups with the use of a chat resembling tool

gemiusUsability - a research study providing reliable information on how convenient a given web site is for its Internet users

Other studies and products:

gemiusAdHoc – on-demand research designed for individual clients

gemiusGeo – geolocation database

Marketing research – marketing research executed with the use of the Internet