Site-centric Research using gemiusTraffic

The training will tell you what is site-centric research and why it was created.

What can be researched:

  • web sites
  • web-applications (transaction systems)
  • e-mail campaigns
  • others

You will also learn the site-centric methodology.

What data does site-centric research provide?

  • Unique Users
  • Visits
  • Pageviews
  • Time Spent
  • Geolocation
  • Referrer Analysis
  • Technical Statistics

You will get to know how site-centric data can be used.

e-Marketing – how to determine…

how many people use our web site? Are our users loyal? What information interests them? Is our web site content interesting? How our web site positioned? Who does our content reach?

Information Architecture – how to determine…

which pages and in what order do users view? What components of the site attract user attention? How long does it take users to find the information they seek? What languages do users seek content in?

Site Design – how to determine…

What operating systems do your users use? What web browsers your users use? What screen resolution or color depth is appropriate for your audience?

How to gain additional information? Related research…

  • Campaign Performance Measurement - gemiusEffect
  • Audience Measurement – gemiusAudience
  • Audience Profiling - gemiusProfile

For more information on gemiusTraining, please contact Artur Zawadzki