gemiusTraining – the Internet in Marketing and Sales

Interactive Marketing – Tools & Methods

  • Brief introduction into the Internet as a communications channel and its uses in the marketing mix.
  • Brief discussion of the key tools of online marketing and means of combining offline/online marketing effectively.
  • Discussion of your country’s Internet-using population as a target group for your marketing goals.

The Web Site – Basic Tool of Interactive Marketing

  • Discussion of the basic techniques to design & construct the optimum web site.
  • Discusses how to incorporate the visual and textual design of the web site to best present your brand to your audience.


  • Role-playing to outline the design for your company/brand’s web site.

Online Advertising

  • Discussion of the standard and non-standard means of online advertising.
  • Analyzes the varying means of communication through different advertising formats and discusses the accountability of different formats.
  • Discusses search-engine marketing and optimizing your web site for appropriate display in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.


  • Designing meta-tags for your web site. Editing content of e-mailing campaigns.

Planning Your Campaign

  • Walks through the process of designing an online advertising campaign, including formats, placements.
  • Discusess how to determine the optimum display frequency and the targeted reach.
  • Discusses cost estimates and cost optimization.

Internet as a Distribution Platform

  • Discusses the Internet as an additional distribution platform for your products or services.
  • Analysis of interesting case-studies.

PR Online

  • How to use the Internet for public relations purposes, including buildng an effective press center on your web site, managing distribution lists for PR purposes?
  • How to make use of company blogs and monitoring of the online community?


  • Designing the press section of your web site.
  • Designing information about your company for presentation online.

Viral Marketing

  • Case studies of viral marketing tactics and techniques.

Building Internet User Loyalty

  • Introduction to planning and managing online loyalty programs, based on case studies.

Interactive Marketing Accountability

  • Discussion of how to hold online marketing activities accountable, measuring performance and setting goals.


  • A test to see how well you have learned the theory presented.

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